Older Adults – Fab Living

Aqualink Weight Training 1Fab Living is a health and wellbeing program for retired and semi-retired members aged 60+ years. By becoming a member you will have access to:

  • Specific group fitness classes
  • Swim, sauna, spa and steam facilities
  • Complimentary lockers for your valuables
  • Social outings and guest speakers
  • Regular newsletters
  • 10 per cent discounts on merchandise
  • Personalised care and tuition.  


Some of the benefits of participating in regular exercise, particularly strength training, include:

  • Improved cardiovascular endurance
  • Improved mobility, coordination, balance and flexibility 
  • Improved muscle strength
  • Improved bone density
  • Better diabetes management
  • Better weight and cholesterol management
  • Improved energy, mood and self-esteem.
How to Register

To register, you simply need to complete a membership form available from reception.

What to Bring

Comfortable track pants/shorts and T-shirt, enclosed flat-lace shoes, towel and water bottle.

Fab Living Class Descriptions
  • Aqua: non-impact exercise class to increase general fitness.
  • Circuit: steady paced, progressive weights workout to music, excellent for regaining muscle strength, mobility and general fitness.
  • Fab Living Pump: Modified BodyPump class to suit mature-aged patrons.
  • Gentle: a light paced class designed to get you moving using walking and chair exercises, chi balls, bands and light handweights.
  • Lite pace: gentle, low impact aerobic workout. Ideal for beginners or seniors. A great way to start any health and fitness regime.
  • Pilates: a body-conditioning class designed to stretch, stengthen and balance the body by targeting the deep postural muscles.
  • S+S: stretch and stabilise – a class designed to introduce participants to the principles of core stability and to re-enforce the importance of stretching.
  • Tai chi: ancient style of exercise for body and mind.
  • Yoga: (Hatha yoga) teaches the postural techniques and controlled breathing of yoga. It introduces meditation techniques and will leave you feeling refreshed and perhaps even enlightened.