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OUTFIT – Together everyone achieves more

Aqualink's OUTFIT (Outdoor Fitness Training) Program is a great way to get results and enjoy exercise in the fresh air.

The OUTFIT program includes three 50 minute sessions per week run over five weeks. Fitness testing is completed at the start and end to track your progress.

Qualified personal trainers will challenge, support and motivate you to get yourself in great shape and help you feel fit and re-energised.

OUTFIT will be back November 2018.

To be the first to know about the program, send your expression of interest to enquiry@aqualink.com.au


What do previous OUTFIT participants say about the program?

"Fitter, strong and love those free endorphins which mean overall happiness... Being a mum as we all know requires a lot of physical and emotional endurance. Doing OUTFIT is a great way to start and keeps you on the ball!"

"Felt I went from a sedentary lifestyle to developing a baseline level of fitness I can build upon"

"I achieved strength and fitness. I lost weight and felt more energised and happy"

"Beep test jumped from 6.1 to 9.3"

"An enhanced level of fitness and an enjoyment of training in groups"

"I have lost 2.5kg, noticeable cm's from legs and stomach. I also feel a lot stronger"


OUTFIT – Together everyone achieves more

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