Personal Training

Take your training to a new level, achieve your goals and have fun by working with our qualified and experienced personal trainers.

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Benefits of Personal Training

✓ Weight loss and toning

✓ Sport-specific training

✓ Strength & muscle building

✓ Cardiovascular fitness training

✓ Rehabilitation

✓ Dietary advise & monitoring

✓ Outdoor sessions


✓ Support, motivation, guidance & education

✓ Variety and fun

✓ Maximum results in minimum time

✓ Setting and achieving goals

✓ Monitoring & improving technique

✓ Rehabilitation & injury prevention

✓ Stress & lifestyle management

Session Types

Single personal training | Small group personal training

Sessions can be for 30 or 60 minutes for individuals or you have the option of training with a group of friends or family members in Small Group Personal Training (2 to 8 people).

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