FREE Body Composition Scan available for Total Fitness and FAB members.

21 Oct 2019

Look beyond the mirror,

Move past the scale,

What are you really made of?


To say thank you to all Total Fitness and FAB members, we would like to offer you a complimentary body composition scan.
The Body Composition scanner is a non-intrusive, fast, accurate and reliable way to quickly ascertain:

Fat %
Muscle Mass
Basal Metabolic Rate
Bone Density
plus much more

What will you receive:

Body Composition scan
Complete print out of all results in an easy to read format
30 minute consultation at time of scan with a qualified gym instructor to analyse the results and set a plan in place to achieve your desired goals

When are scans available:

Aqualink Nunawading: Wed 6 – Thu 28 Nov
Aqualink Box Hill: Wed 6 – Thu 28 Nov

Book your scan and appointment by contacting the Centre or seeing a gym instructor.