Inclusive parties at Aqualink!

1 Aug 2017


Children’s birthday parties are a time of fun, laughter and celebration. However birthday parties for some children can be a source of stress and anxiety. 

This is particularly true for some children with disability, as the environment may be new, loud and busy with lots of new people.

Aqualink aims to ensure that an inclusive environment and activities are provided so that all children can join in the party and water-based activities.

Knowing what will happen can alleviate stress and anxiety. A set of social stories has been developed to build the child’s understanding of what will happen at an Aqualink party, the games that may be played and the equipment that may be used.

Aqualink staff members understand that needs of children vary significantly due to age, abilities and interests. Staff will work with families to tailor the party to meet the needs of all children attending.

Social stories

Social stories are short descriptions of real life situations to help children with disabilities understand what they may experience during an Aqualink party. These resources include photos and explanations about games, activities and familiarisation with the structure of the party.

The social stories can be downloaded from the Aqualink birthday party page:

Families booking a party can also arrange a tour of the facility prior to the party.