New spin bikes at Aqualink Box Hill

2 Nov 2017


It’s exciting times at Aqualink Box Hill. After trialing various bikes and listening to your feedback, we have selected Body Bike as the model for our new spin bikes.

New Body Bikes are on their way and will be ready for use on 2 December.

Why Body Bike?

- Excellent design, manufactured in Denmark

- Recommended by Les Mills International

- Best fit for Freestyle Cycle and RPM classes at AQBH

- Console offers wide range of features including watts measured directly from the flywheel – the most accurate measurement of your effort to help achieve your fitness goals even quicker.

Installation of the Body Bikes will result in a one day closure of the cycle studio on Friday 1 December.

The two classes on this day will be cancelled

- 6.10am Cycle

- 9.20am RPM


Join us with the Mayor of the City of Whitehorse - Andrew Davenport, for our launch events - TWO BODY BIKE MASTERCLASSES on Saturday 2 December.

- 8.20am CYCLE

- 9.30am RPM

These are exciting times and we're looking forward to seeing you enjoy this latest upgrade to our equipment.

For more information speak with a group fitness instructor, visit reception or send us an email via